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Welcome to the server! Empty Welcome to the server!

on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:38 pm
Here at Slivion we want our players to have the most fun experience they can have on the server. Some items limit not only the player but also the server. This is why these items are banned:
[Usage banned] Red matter Katar- Bypasses ant-grief protection

[Usage Banned] Red Matter Morning Star:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned] Hyperkinetic Lens:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned] Catalytic Lens:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned] Destruction Catalyst:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned] Evertide Amulet:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned] Infernal Armor:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Harvest Goddess Band:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Black Hole Band:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Ring of Ignition:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Void Ring:Key ingredient in an item duplication exploit

[Ownership Banned]Mercurial Eye:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Ring of Arcana:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Watch of Flowing Time:Can be used to sabotage

[Ownership Banned]Volcanite Amulet:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Dimensional Anchor:Can easily crash the server

[Ownership Banned]World Anchor:Consumes extra server memory

[Ownership Banned]Anchor Cart:Consumes extra server memory

[Ownership Banned]Dark Matter Pedestal:Fills the server log very
quickly when activated

[Ownership Banned]Retrievulator:Able to be duped via BlockBreaker

[Ownership Banned]Nuke:Not allowed on server

[Ownership Banned]Nuclear Reactor:The obvious way to destroy a server into pieces

[Ownership Banned]Zero Ring:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Mining Laser:Bypasses anti-grief

[Ownership Banned]Dynamite:Capable of griefing spawn

[Rank Restricted]Nova Catalyst: Can make a large impact on terrain Unique+ can use

[Rank Restricted] Nova Cataclysm:Can make a large impact on terrain Legend+ can use

[Rank Restricted] Redmatter Armor:To OP for PvP Uniques+ can use

[Rank Restricted] Quantum Bodyarmor: To OP for PvP Immortals+ can use

[Rank Restricted] Hurricane boots:To OP elites+ can use

[Rank Restricted] Gravity Greaves: To OP for PvP takes in 90% damage Legends+ can use

[Rank Restricted] Abyss Helmet:To OP please Legends+ can use
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