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Time for change Time to thrive Empty Time for change Time to thrive

on Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:25 pm
Hello this is Ps3suckmywii I have deal with you guys. I'm a popular user on the app ifunny mostly kids use it. I have a total of 70k subscribers on this app. My offer is I will advertise your server if it turns back to classic tekkit. I can get people to join easy if you make the server how it used to be. I will also help donate. I just want to see Silvion (My favorite tekkit classic server) to thrive once more. If you could please contact me either by skype or kik (app on phone) that would be appreciated. My info is skype:PS3SUCKMYWii kik: _carbonated_  I hope you make the right decision in contacting me. Silvion used to be my home and the people on here my family I want it back and hope you do too.
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