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Mod Power Brief Desc

on Wed May 08, 2013 4:44 pm
so, yes i am a new mod, and sorry if you didn't see my application :\ but it has been around for a good month ( here is the app ) anyways, I am already full of rants and other topics that you probably don't care about, but if anyone does read this, than be ready to be bored out of your minds! My first topic is that people really don't understand the power I have as a moderator, I really don't have as much as you think Rolling Eyes and so just to tell you guys, I can't spawn items in, so stop asking please, and I am not the greatest at coding, so please stop asking! And for the people who I highly respect, the great administration staff Shocked I have complaints, not about you xD but about the server, I know you guys really do try your best, and this server may not be the greatest thing since YouTube with bread, but it is my favorite server and it is still great! But I still think it can be better, and the one complaint I have, the most common amongst people in the Survival Games, PLEASE MAKE IT SO WE CAN SEE EACH OTHER xD anyways, (ranting more about mod powers) I can't break blocks in owned territories :\ So I CAN NOT grief you... So don't be all worried when i am right behind you xD I really don't mean any harm! Suspect I don't think I am that scary am I? In conclusion, I am exactly like any other normal player on the server, I just am there to have fun, the only difference between me and a regular player is the flashy blue "moderator" rank and the fact I can teleport to you, I am like a ninja, minus the ninja part and just the creepy part.... ANYWAYS! so that is that, and if you think i am doing something wrong or different, just ask me or tell me, and I will try to fix that xP I really do love all of you guys on the server xD even if you are total b*tches!

One again, as always, with regards ~Fox lol!
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