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Jayntee101/OtterDragon2000's Ban Appeal

on Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:03 pm
-Why the Admin/Mod banned me: I was banned for "griefing and stealing".

-Why I feel I should be unbanned: I never griefed or stole anything. I don't know where any base is and have only had access to the chests in my faction base. I'm not sure who or why I was banned for this reason because I didn't do anything wrong. I just logged in today and it said "Griefing + Stealing = Ban".

-Evidence (screenshots are the best evidence) that it was a mistake/abuse: I don't have any screenshots, but you can ask anyone in my faction for any more information (Ryux, iheartbellatrix, jrcarp, match_of_evil, Brianatorextreme, etc).

-Your in game name: Jayntee101

-Do you have any builds on the server: Other than parts of my faction base, no.
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